Health news

Research advances pressure garments for speedy recovery
RMIT researchers are designing unique pressure garments to help heal burn patients - with a little assistance from an almost-human friend.

Social connections key to happiness for "at-risk" teens
An RMIT University report on the happiness of disadvantaged Australian teenagers has emphasised the vital role of family and friends in mental wellbeing.

Research examines acupuncture needle quality
The quality of acupuncture needles needs to be universally improved to increase patient comfort and safety, researchers have found.

A sleeping time bomb
Lack of sleep is linked to high cholesterol, obesity and depression. Now researchers say it can damage your brain.

Research into stroke therapy awarded NHMRC funding
RMIT University has been awarded more than $398,000 in funding for research investigating ways to limit brain injury and complications after strokes.

Forum puts focus on healthcare for the ageing
An RMIT University forum has looked at ways to improve the aged care sector.

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